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<< Site de colocations, attention aux arnaques ! >>

Le 1er site francophone sur l’Australie, le pays-continent Forums Working Holiday Visa Colocation << Site de colocations, attention aux arnaques ! >>

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    Halucinants le nombre de gens qui essaye de vous arnaquer sur les sites de colocation…

    En general ils ne mettent pas de photos dans leur annonce sur le site. Ils vous laissent un message et vous proposent de vous envoyer les photos par email…

    Vous recevez donc des belles photos (style magazine…) avec souvent un lit avec 10 coussins super bien alignés…
    Les couleurs/sols entre les differentes photos sont totalement differents…

    Avec ça ils balancent un texte de 50 lignes vous expliquant qu’ils sont a l’étranger :
    – souvent a Londre
    – parce que sa maman est a l’hopital/parce qu’elle vient de se marrier/parce qu’il est en voyage d’affaire…

    En general l’appart est en plein centre a un prix defiant toute concurrence. Genre 150 $ la semaine…

    Ils donnent soit un adresse incomplete, soit une adresse de quelqu’un d’autre.

    Si vous n’etes toujours pas convaincu ils vous envoient un scan de leur passport/permis de conduire (trafiqué bien sur)
    Ensuite ils vous envoient le contrat de location a signer (c’est un pauvre document word…)

    Et poour finir ils vous expliquent que comme ils sont a l’etranger ils envoient les clés a un bureau DHL/FedEx. Il suffit de payer le loyer + la caution pour avoir les clés…

    — Je vous conseille de leur dire que vous avez verifiéleur identité (avec le passport ou l’adresse) au pres des autorités locales mais qu’il n’existe pas !!! Meme si vous avez rien verif comme par hasard ils ne repondent plus… —

    Un petit exemple de mail classique :


    Good day to you over there. I am sorry to bother you over this. My name is Abby Smith , Australian citizen and i am 31 years of age. I’m a respectful lady born in Australia.

    I work in financial services at a respectable company here in town. (I can explain the job in more detail if you want, but trust me, it doesn’t get any more exciting.) Anyway, it’s full-time, stable, and I’m happy to show you the last months bill , a salary letter from the HR department, pay stubs, etc. My financial is solid and in order.

    I am neat and clean, but not obsessive about it. I guess I have a « you use it, you clean it » way of looking at things. I don’t smoke, and I don’t have a pet but i am pet friendly, I’m happy to chip in that i live alone in the flat at the moment and i am looking to rent out either one or both the vacant rooms.

    The only thing that is super-important to me is that there is no smoking in the common areas. I don’t particularly care if you smoke, but please do it outside, or in your room. I am fine with cats and dogs. I don’t do a ton of cooking, especially during the week. Overall, I would say I am a very low-impact roommate.

    What else…I’m straight, if that matters. I personally don’t care what race or orientation you are. I’ve lived with men and women, straight, gay and lesbian, and gotten along with everyone. As long as you’re respectful,minded professionals who are independent and respect each others privacy,and associate well with others, you’re OK by me.

    I do a lot of writing at night and on weekends. I try and take a writing class as often as I can, so usually one night a week I am doing that. That doesn’t mean I am anti-social and will never hang out (because I
    will)……………….. So…there’s that …..now about the Flat

    Furnished with UTILITIES + A/C
    WLAN internet facilities, Cable,
    A/C,Internet 24/7 etc included.
    It has central heating
    Brand New, Big,
    Queen-Size Sofa/Bed (Manuf. Picture below.)
    32″ Flat Screen TV
    Whole house is double glazed and has gas central heating. Bathroom with
    bath and shower over.
    Laundry room in building ( washing machine, dryers)
    Renovated, Fully
    fitted kitchen with 2 fridges, washing machine & microwave and
    Huge Walk-in Closet with Storage space on top
    Renovated marble
    bathroom with built-in under-sink storage a mirror
    medicine cabinet
    Parking in building
    24 hour security

    Parking available….thats if you have a car

    The monthly rent is $600 Utilities included and Council tax inclusive and a Bond deposit of $600 ,

    Ideally Located : 25 Jamison street, NSW 2000.

    The location is near-perfect – within 4 minutes walking distance to Wynyard station.

    Presently, I am in the UK, {London to be precise}, I am here taking up on a course in the University of London. I think i have to stop here. I would be looking forward to read back from you about your interest. Till then, take good care of yourself.


    Dear *
    Thank you for your message. If you are really ready to rent the apartment, all I can do is make arrangement for the documents and then the payment, which I would later give you a reference number to the FedEx head office, there you would get the keys to the apartment, because without the reference number, nobody can get the keys and i would be called to confirm first. Let me know what you think.
    It is not as if I don’t know what I am doing, although I might not know the kind of person you are but I believe even knowing you before moving in doesn’t mean I would know if you have any bad behavior or something, it is just a matter of getting to know each other during the process of staying together.
    I would be expecting to read from you as soon as possible. Till then, take a very good care of yourself.

    Best Regards,


    Dear *
    Got your message. We need to sign a Lease agreement document, and to prepare it, i would need your full name, present contact address and phone number. After this, we would get to the payment level. Attached to this message are scanned copies of my Passport, Certificate of Occupancy.
    I would be expecting to receive the information i asked for. Till then, take good care of yourself.


    En espérant que cela serve a quelqu’un…



    Voici le genre de passport :


    On voit bien ce qui a été modifié et retapé avec un PC…

    Pareil ici : http://uppix.net/e/e/8/92547a62651e79ddd21211ab2396f.jpg
    On voit bien que toutes les lettres ont un fond legerement grisé a cause du scanner sauf pour le nom et l’adresse…

    Desole pour les accents, je galere avec le clavier en qwerty…

2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)
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