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Unlike the single-suited spider, which folds with no effort at all, and the 4-suited spider, which is mostly folded by professionals, “Play Spider Solitaire 2 suits” is the golden mean. Folding it is not difficult, but you also need to think. That is why this solitaire is the most polar among all spider options. The convergence of a spider of 2 suits is close to 100%. Even beginners, having practiced a little on a spider of the same suit, quickly move on to playing this variation. The optimal strategy of the two-suited spider is similar to the strategy of the game in other variants. We try to add only the same suits, we put on others only as a last resort.


The goal of classic Spider Solitaire is to collect each of the 2 suits in descending order (King to Ace). First, click on the card you want to move and, while holding down the mouse button, drag it to the highest one by 1 rank. If two cards of the same suit form a stack, then they can continue to move and grow in size, like a spider’s web. Opposite colors, on the contrary, are blocked and cannot be transferred.

How to win?

Play cards in order of priority: free up more space, move sequences to form long lines and reveal new meanings.

The classic Spider spread is always played on 10 columns of cards. The first four columns consist of 5 hidden cards, and the next four columns consist of 4. Obviously, it is better to lay out smaller piles first in order to open up free space sooner.

The second trick to playing Spider Two Suits is to prioritize higher values. Each card can be transferred to neighboring ones of a higher rank and continue the game until it is completely lined up in suit. Only the king blocks the spread, it is wise to move it separately at the first opportunity.

When the sorting moves are over, click on the reserve deck in the upper left corner. The game will distribute additional cards, but will not allow you to return this move. Be careful and feel free to use the free hint.

Once included in the Windows Solitaire Collection, Spider Two Suits became the most famous game in the world. If the Russian version of solitaire seemed interesting, bookmark it on your computer and improve your skills every day. Feel free to share your achievements in the comments!

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