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[Vente] Mazda E2200 Deluxe diesel top roof pret a partir !!

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    nous finissons notre trip australien.
    Apres 4 super mois il est temps de vendre notre great van. C’est avec tristesse que nous devons nous en separer !!

    Nous sommes a Melbourne.

    Long van, tres propre, Rego Wa ( la moins chere renouvellable sur internet)
    moteur diesel (assez rare) 244 000 kms. Tres peu compare aux autres vans 🙂
    toit top roof je peux etre debout sans pb (1m89)
    lit grand aussi allonge tout droit sans pb !!

    il est impossible de tout liste, niveau materiel nous avons du prendre trois photos apres avoir tout etale tellement il y en a !!
    Tv a linterieur avec DVD X15…
    Frigo three ways
    micro onde
    gaziniere exterieur et interieur
    ventilateur, chauffage
    electricite lampe a linterieur
    seconde batterie et meme une troisieme en plus
    tout l equipement pour la cuisine

    ce que nous avons achete depuis que nous lavons:
    4 pneus neufs
    1 seconde batterie
    et une grosse facture lors de son check up garage avant la vente ( qui assure aux nouveaux proprietaires aucun probleme, 4000$!!)
    nouvelle tete moteur
    nouveau radiateur
    nouveau filtre air
    nouveau filtre moteur
    nouvelle pompe a eau
    nouveaux connecteurs..
    il y a toutes les factures, la derniere fait deux pages !

    Son prix : 8500$

    cest vraiment un van cle en main, il est super propre et le plus important, le moteur est excellent !

    Nous sommes a melbourne jusqua debut avril, apres nous irons a sydney si le van nest pas vendu 🙂

    Good trip !

    See you soon

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    Voici lannonce en anglais :
    plus de photos du van en bas de lannonce !!


    We are at the end of our trip and we sell our loved campervan.

    He is a very good van, very reliable. We are in Melbourne actually, at the begining of april we go on Sydney because we need to move, it is a cheap price and a big deal for you. 🙂

    It is a Mazda E2200 deluxe diesel engine, only 244 000 kms, it is very low for a campervan, diesel engine is a long life sign.
    The fuel consommation is 12L for 100kms, he can run over 700kms with the full.
    Rego is western australia, the best of all, renew on internet, fast and cheapest !

    The van has everything you need, he is very clean, we have make a lot of works inside for he began the best campervan you have never see.

    General exterior condition :
    – Top roof, you can be stand inside without problem ( my tall is 1,88m )
    – Have a stepper in the back for easy mount on the van.
    – Two security fence very solid, on the front and behind for avoid car dammaged
    – 4 new tyres
    – 1extra tyre for the safety !
    – 4 windows on the tent with screen mostiquo and a big one window (90x55cm) for see the stars when you ´re in the bed 🙂
    – all the glasses and doors are ok, installed great screensun on three windows for the weather inside the car who stay cool everytime. for the front car, another three screens sun (2 black, 1 aluminium when stay).
    – great exterior cloth with cords for protect against the sun when you eat, very good 🙂

    The sleeping part :
    – A super great huge bed, sleep in two people, i can be straight with my tall !!! Matelass is over 20cm for a very confortable sleeping.
    – quilt, pillow and sheet include.
    – 3 double curtains for your privacy life, nobody can see you.
    – you can be sitting or put in the bed for see the stars with the huge windows or you can… see the TV as you want!
    24″ flat screen led with dvd (have more than 15dvd who u can choose a lot of language or subtitles for each)
    TV has a greatly support below the windows, its excellent, really so u can watch the both, stars and tv
    – a great light for see inside place along the wall of the bed for reading..

    Kitchen area :
    – Sink with a tank of 30L autonomy
    – Three way fridge, excellent work
    – Microwave !
    – Gaz cooker (3 parts, one big one small and one large for pizza) inside with a protection system for the oil.
    – a lot of space and case for put inside everything you want.

    electricity and engine part :
    – check up done in an official garage specialized in mazda car all is ok (bill of 4000$, for all be good for the next owner)
    – New head engine
    – New water pump
    – New oil filter
    – New air filter
    – New radiator
    – New connectors
    – Engine is very good, run like a baby, smooth sound
    – New second battery, u can charge in a power site(240v), many days autonomy with the fridge (3-4) like you drive
    – Third battery bonus
    – Charger battery and exterior plug, all works all is really good
    – Inside plugs for cellphone or what you want

    The others things with the campervan :
    It will be impossible all the things there are with his van, but principaly

    – Outdoor table with two chairs
    – Two gaz bottle 2 and 3 kg
    – All you need for eating and preparing great food, very new and clean
    – A 40cm fan if its warm
    – A radiator if its cold
    – Camp 7 book for cheapest camping
    – Cooker exterior
    – working things like nails, hammer, rubber, ropes everything you can be needed
    – Carpet
    – tons of other things

    We have live really a lots of wonderfuls days with the campervan, we hope it will be our great companion for your trip !!

    It is sold at 8900$ nego, its really a great deal.

    You can contact us at
    et . rren @ gmail . com

    we prefer by phone for arrange a look 🙂
    + 33 6 2323 1261


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