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    After unexpected changes in our plans, we have to sell our campervan.

    We are the first backpackers to use it and we have only done 1300 kms with it. The previous owner had it for over 5 years, the van hasn’t been from hand to hand and it is well maintained. Service and checkup has been done 3 weeks ago (only 1300 kms since)
    It has 350 000 kms but a reconditioned engine has been put in only 40,000 km ago. It can seat up to 4 people right now. It has a lot of storage and a double bed. We were 3 people using it without any problem.

    Dual fuel!!! Runs on unleaded and auto gas, which is the cheapest way to travel around!
    Pop top, you can easily stand up, there is a lot of room, 3 people bench + 2 seats….
    4 people can legal rest in it while driving.

    Registered in Western Australia which is the cheapest and easiest. Rego is good until the 17 /07/2015

    The van has :
    -A solar panel.
    -Dual battery (one works with the solar panel, so you can use it without having to worry.) We charged our 3 phones plus computers and powered inside lights without any problems.
    – Internal sink with a water pump, and an internal water tank of 30 litres.
    – Dual cooker, with a 15 liter gas tank inside.
    – Sony radio system, cd, mp3,aux…
    – 2 20 liters water tank plus a 10 liter one.
    – Brand new spare tire
    – WA immobilizer

    We just bought all camping supplies only 3 weeks ago so everything is close to new
    – 3 person tent
    – 1 single inflatable mattress
    – 1 ground padding
    – 1 sleeping bag
    – Sheets, pillows and blankets for the bed inside
    – Everything to cook, pans, forks, knives etc…
    – 2 ice chest, 27 liter and 6 liter
    – Cleaning supplies
    – 2 tables, one big and one small
    – 3 camping chairs
    – 1 external cooking stove with 3 gas cans.
    – 1 outside toilet seat
    – 1 outside shower + shower hood
    – 1 barbecue (plus some coal)
    – Safety lock box to keep your valuables hidden and safe while you are out

    We’d be happy to show you the van in the Perth Area. If you have any questions or more photos are needed, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.
    As we currently don’t have great service where we are, it’d be best to contact us first by message/email rather than a call that we might miss. We’ll reply back fast.
    Ad also available in French if asked. Annonce disponible en français si besoin.

    Thank you

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    Salut salut!! Je ne sais pas si ce véhicule est toujours disponible, mais serait-il possible d’avoir, la marque modéle et année du van, ainsi que le prix si possible??
    Avez vous d’autres photos de l’aménagement intérieur??
    Merci beaucoup

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