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24 octobre 2021


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    Hello everybody!

    It’s time for me to sell my van!

    It’s a white Toyota Hiace 2.4 (really discreet, that’s good to sleep [almost] everywhere!!).

    The registration in Queensland is available until 10/08/2017. He is born in April 1999 and he has 302000 kilometers. He has 3 seats in the front, a manual gear box. The roadworthy is of course ok. He has the power steering, the air con. I changed the oil and the filter at 299000 k’s and the sparks plugs + the lids. The tires are in good condition. There is as well a spare tyre and all the staff to change it in case. There are tools to do basic mechanical and liquid cooler, oil, …

    You can drive 450 or 500 k’s with the full tank (with unleaded 91).

    He has a chain and not a timing belt: that’s really good!!

    He has insolation on the walls (it’s sometimes really hot here…!). I bought as well a net against the mosquitoes to let the doors open…!

    The big bed is really comfortable, the blanket and pillow too. You can as well appreciate a fan for the hot nights!

    The fridge Waeco is connected to the second battery (with a standard electrical installation). You have an inverter to charge USB devices or to plug electrical devices in the second battery as well.

    To cook, there is all the tools necessary: pans, forks, spoons, knives, (Superman) glasses, bowls, plates… There is of course a stove and and her gas bottle!

    A lot of diverse stuff: sleeping bag, mattress to inflate and the machine to inflate it, chair, solar shower, a map of Australia, Camps 8, snorkeling suit (against jelly fish), 3 tanks *10 liters…

    And a lot of space to store your stuff under the bed…!!

    More pictures with pleasure by email…!

    After 10 months in Australia, I can speak english,

    mais je n’ai pas pour autant oublié mon français,

    y puedo hablar un poco español…!!


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    Salut Gawen !
    Ton van est-il toujours à vendre ?
    Où es-tu situé ?

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