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VENDU [Melly Jumby a besoin d`un nouveau proprietaire ! (van Mitsubishi Express)]

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    We are now selling our beloved van Melly Jumby, it breaks our hearts but life must go on!
    We’ve been all around Australia from Noosa to Sydney in this beauty with no problems at all. He (it’s a He and not She !) always start easy and loves to be on the road. 🙂

    We plan to sell him by the end of december (flexible with date) in Sydney, please call/text for more info!

    He is a Mitsubishi Express 1993.
    Rego until March 27th 2013 in QLD. Very easy to extend (have the form already, we can do it together).
    2 seats, unleaded petrol. Fuel consumption 9,5/10L.
    2nd engine (odometer van 278000, 2nd engine 130000km), new radiator and fan, 4 new tyres and many more.

    Took him for a full service + check up in september.
    I own he for a year and half, kept all the services sheets in a history book.

    What’s included?

    – 1 amazing and comfty king size matress (140x210cm) … probably the best you can find in a van
    – 2 Pillows, blanket and extra sheets.
    – Lamps everywhere
    – Mosquito nets for doors
    – 2 sliding doors (great not to wake up your buddy or miss when urgent pee in the night)
    – 4 boxes for clothes and your messy things under the bed (huge compartiments)
    .. and lots of love !

    Kitchen and other stuff:
    – 1 fridge (very important when it’s hot !!!)
    – Eski
    – Gas cooker with 2 fires (3,7kg,mobile and 2 is more useful than 1)
    – Watercontainer (big 15L)
    – Water sink with manual pump
    – 1 extra washing basin
    – Lots of cutlery, pot, frying pan, plates, glases etc … and in very good condition (everything you’ll need really)
    – Spices box
    – Big box for food
    – 2 Chairs
    – Solar shower
    – Power convertor (great to have in the outback!)
    – Tools and an axe
    – Sewingkit
    – Torchs
    – Laundry stuff
    – Extra tyre
    – Radio
    – Extra container for petrol (20L)
    – Air matress
    – Extra tent for your friends or lifters
    – Water guns, freesby and other stupid and intelligent games! + books and DVDs !!!

    Jerome & Sakana

    We are fluent in English, French, Japanese and Taiwanese.

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    Age: 37

    Prix de 5500 AUD, négociable selon condition.
    Mais attention Melly ne sera pas bradé à n’importe qui et n’importe quel prix.

    Contrat Raod Assistance RACQ renouvelé ce jour pour une nouvelle année (incl 150km tow truck, réparations parebrises annuelle, …).

    Nous sommes arrivés sur Sydney, nous lui refaisons une petite santé et il sera prêt pour vous être présenté.


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